Meet Walter


With the release of Alien: Covenant, 3AM, a company which specialises in marketing releases of film, TV, and video game creators, produced a campaign for the film. The campaign was based around short videos for the film, such as meeting the crew. However, I was more impressed by 3AM's introduction of Michael Fassbender's illusive character, Walter. The campaign featured posters and a social media campaign which introduces Walter as the latest real-world technology innovation.





The overriding tone of the cinematography, soundtrack and the characters themselves, present a sense of mysteriousness and curiosity, similar to the expressions used by Fassbender's character. The posters from the Meet Walter campaign are beautifully crafted and detailed, projecting the perfection of these 'next generation synthetics'. Fluorescent orange typography draws the eye into the poster, informing the viewer of Walter's 'Societal Function' among other variables.


Breaking away from the previous posters, other variants of the poster print campaign for Meet Walter were created. These posters include detailed descriptions on the synthetic, partnered with striking visuals of Walter, strict grid systems and a more colourful pallet. Small details such as illustrations of the 'Vitruvian Man' and playful typography create an overriding sense of craft and machinery. These posters portray a style used by Apple in the 80's and 90's, with serif typefaces and gradients (albeit more experimental) – something I'm sure Steve Jobs would've been interested in.

ThoughtsCharles Worrall